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Ingress examples ΒΆ

This directory contains a catalog of examples on how to run, configure and scale Ingress. Please review the prerequisites before trying them.

The examples on these pages include the spec.ingressClassName field which replaces the deprecated nginx annotation. Users of ingress-nginx < 1.0.0 (Helm chart < 4.0.0) should use the legacy documentation.

For more information, check out the Migration to apiVersion guide.

Category Name Description Complexity Level
Apps Docker Registry TODO TODO
Auth Basic authentication password protect your website Intermediate
Auth Client certificate authentication secure your website with client certificate authentication Intermediate
Auth External authentication plugin defer to an external authentication service Intermediate
Auth OAuth external auth TODO TODO
Customization Configuration snippets customize nginx location configuration using annotations Advanced
Customization Custom configuration TODO TODO
Customization Custom DH parameters for perfect forward secrecy TODO TODO
Customization Custom errors serve custom error pages from the default backend Intermediate
Customization Custom headers set custom headers before sending traffic to backends Advanced
Customization External authentication with response header propagation TODO TODO
Customization Sysctl tuning TODO TODO
Features Rewrite TODO TODO
Features Session stickiness route requests consistently to the same endpoint Advanced
Features Canary Deployments weighted canary routing to a seperate deployment Intermediate
Scaling Static IP a single ingress gets a single static IP Intermediate
TLS Multi TLS certificate termination TODO TODO
TLS TLS termination TODO TODO